About Us


company overview

Marshall Ryall is the owner/operator of Stoney Woods Landscaping. He is known for his creative style of design and a unique attention to detail.

Marshall prides himself on his education in the industry as well as his work experience in the field since 2003. During this time, he has become a certified Red-Seal carpenter and has earned a diploma in Horticulture. Having the hands-on experience, as well as the education, Marshall has the confidence to get the job done above any expectation. When he isn’t in the Garden Marshall enjoys down time by being in nature with his growing family. By continuing his studies and keeping up-to-date with industry standards Marshall is constantly learning.


Our History

A design and build team that prides themselves on hard work and integrity. Planning and crew training are the backbone of our work culture to ensure efficient and safe delivery of our services. On time and on budget.


Our Vision

We are a competitive landscape company that believes in creating sustainable outdoor landscapes through design techniques. The use of multi-functional spaces provide outdoor living opportunity and inspiration.

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